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Mission of the Southern West Virginia King's Warriors


        The mission of The Nehemiah Group, Inc., is multi-faceted, yet can be expressed very simply- Glorify God, and serve others. Our namesake, Nehemiah, is mostly remembered as an Old Testament hero that is memorialized with a book in the Bible bearing his name. However, many people forget that Nehemiah was a servant-slave, cup bearer to the Persian King  Artaxerxes. From this humble position, Nehemiah answered the call to leave exile and captivity in Babylon and return to Jerusalem. At that time it was a devastated, burned out city in ruins, with its walls toppled in mounds of rubble, ashes, and refuse. He responded when no one else dared, tried when no one else would, and accomplished what no one else believed could be done. With manly resolve, steadfast faith, and Godly character, Nehemiah led his people to do the impossible- they built the wall.  It is because of his example that we take his name, The Nehemiah Group. “So built we the wall…for the people had a mind to work”. Nehemiah 4:6


        While TNG’s primary focus is on soccer- related sports ministries, we also have a goal of reaching out in other areas. We stress Bible knowledge and teaching, community service, music, and general education. We are developing a College and Career Center that will help young people develop life goals and strategies and then pursue them.

        The King’s Warriors Soccer Club wants to give every young player the opportunity to develop their skills in a Christ-honoring, nurturing environment that encourages a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, and a life of service to others. If your goals match our goals, come join us!

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