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King’s Warriors Soccer Club Futsal (Indoor Soccer), 2019-2020

The King’s Warriors Soccer Club is pleased to announce its association with Old School Sports ( to sponsor this winter’s futsal (indoor soccer) league in Shady Spring.

The King’s Warriors and Countryside Baptist Church will host their teams’ practices on Mondays and Thursdays at the gymnasium in Forest Hill beginning Monday, December 2. Fees and practice times for each age group are listed below (please note that the full price includes Old School Sports team fees). Younger players coming to the earlier practices may ask to ride the local school buses and be dropped off at Countryside Baptist Church gym in Forest Hill. We would appreciate help from any interested parents. For any questions or concerns please contact us by clicking here.

Kindergarten, 5:00pm-6:10pm Devotions for K4-2nd Grades, 6:10pm 1st-2nd Grades, 6:10pm-7:35pm

3rd-5th Grades, 4:00pm-5:15pm Devotions 3rd-5th & 6th-8th Grades, 5:15pm 6th-8th Grades, 5:15pm-6:40pm

9th-12th Grades, 6:40pm-? Devotions 9th-12th Grades, 7:45pm

Competitive K4-2nd Grades: $35 (Includes weekend league games) Competitive 3rd-12th Grades: $50 (Includes weekend league games) Recreational K4-2nd Grades: $25 (M./Th. Practices only)​​

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