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King’s Warriors Open 2019-2020 Winter Futsal League

The King’s Warriors are assisting the new management of Old School Sports in getting their first winter futsal league off the ground. Formerly known as KSI, Old School Sports is located in Shady Spring, WV, and offers venues for multiple activities, in addition to futsal.

The King’s Warriors are playing under some unique pressures in high school Division 1; they have been undefeated in futsal the past two seasons. The varsity opened in style with a convincing 8-5 win over Oak Hill. The Oak Hill team was very solid and played very well, but the Warriors futsal experience provided the edge. Caleb Okes scored 4 goals; Chance Blevins and Isaac Beckett both added 2 each. Andrew Smith anchored the back while Aaron Smith managed the goal. Jonah Blevins also came on to provide great support.

Old School Sports brilliantly added a Division 2 for the varsity level this year. It aims to provide a more level playing field for co-ed, younger, and less experienced players. The King’s Warriors fielded a team in this division as well that included Gracie Tooze (Grade 6), Hannah Willis (Gr. 6), Jonah Blevins (Gr. 8), Aaron Smith (Gr. 9), Sydney Harper (Gr. 10), Chance Blevins (Gr. 10), And Isaac Beckett (Gr. 11). Their first game was against Shady Spring girls varsity players. The Warriors were dominant in a 6-3 win, with Hannah Willis scoring her first hat trick, Sydney Harper netting a brace, and Gracie Tooze adding a goal.

The Warriors return to action again this weekend as they take on Richland’s, VA, in D1 and the D2 match will be a repeat of last week against Shady Spring. Our 3-5 grade team will also begin their winter campaign as well. The league will then take a Christmas/New Year break before resuming Saturday, January 4.

If you are interested in joining our futsal program please click here for more information.


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