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King’s Warriors Spring, 2022, Season Wrap Up

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The King’s Warriors started the Spring, 2022 season off on a high note with a 4-0 win against Narrows High School on March 10. Chance Blevins scored a brace, while Aaron Smith and Keatley Michael both added one. Jake Dickens posted the shutout.

The Warriors did not return to action again till April 2, when they lost to Mt. Mission 6-3. Will Smith scored two, Toby Giles one. They next defeated Covington Boys Home 5-2 on April 9, with 3 goals from Chance Blevins and 2 from Aaron Smith. They claimed a very respectable 5-5 draw with Mt. Mission in Grundy on April 16. Caleb Okes scored twice, while Blevins, Smith, and Jon Windle all added one.

The King’s Warriors then went on a six-game win streak with victories over Main Street Christian Academy (April 21, 5-0; Andrew Helmick – 3; Keatley Michael – 1; Noah Stoneback – 1); Oak Hill Academy (April 23, 6-2; Chance Blevins – 5; Smith – 1); Jefferson Christian Academy (April 25, 7-1; Blevins – 5; Smith – 1; Isaac Beckett – 1); Boy’s Home (April 30, 3-2; Blevins – 2; Carlie Michael – 1); Main Street Christian (May 2, 5-0; Blevins – 1; Jasmine Winkler – 1; Riley Richmond – 1; Josh Okes – 1; Sarah Okes – 1); Oak Hill Academy (May 7, 3-1; Blevins – 3). This 3-1 win over OHA was played on the Oak Hill campus at Mouth of Wilson, VA, and broke “The Curse of Oak Hill Academy,” being the first King’s Warriors away win against OHA in years.

The big win streak came to a screeching halt when the warriors went to the 1st Spring NACA Soccer Tournament May 11-13. KWSC put up a valiant effort against James River, VA, on May 11. Chance Blevins scored twice, including a marvelous “bike,” and the Warriors forced an own goal, but it wasn’t enough as they fell 4-3.

The Warriors just didn’t have much left the next day as they fell 6-0 to Providence, SC, Athletic Club. The final day was even tougher as they endured a crushing 9-0 defeat to HALO Home School team, GA. The King’s Warriors were awarded the Sportsmanship trophy, and Toby Giles was named to the All Tournament Team.

The King’s Warriors picked themselves up after returning home, and bounced back with another six-game win streak. Those victories included Boy’s Home (May 16, 7-5; Blevins – 2; Caleb Okes – 2; Aaron Smith – 2; Matt Smith – 1), Jefferson Christian (May 19, 6-3; Aaron Smith – 3; Caleb Okes – 2; Chance Blevins – 1); Oak Hill/Fayette County (May 21, 2-0; Aaron Smith – 2); and 3 wins at the Tazewell, VA, Invitational Tournament on June 4 (Tazewell Team #2, 1-0 [Jake Dickens – 1]; Jefferson Christian, 6-1 [A. Smith – 2, Dickens – 1; Blevins – 1; Akon Deng – 1; Jareem Reid – 1]; Tazewell Team #1, 4-1 [A. Smith – 1; Blevins – 1; A. Deng – 1; J. Reid – 1]). Jake Dickens goal against Jefferson Christian came while he was playing goalkeeper. He sent a booming punt down field from the top of his penalty area. The opposing goalie was playing too high, and with one bounce the ball cleared him and rolled into the goal for a terrific end-to-end score.

The King’s Warriors closed out the Spring, 2022, season with a 14-4-1 record. They outscored the opposition 75-48. Dickens posted four shutouts, while Aaron Smith had one. Chance Blevins scored 29 goals, including 4 hat tricks (2 of those were part of 5-goal games) and 4 braces. Aaron Smith scored 16 goals, including 1 hat trick and 4 braces. Caleb Okes scored 3 braces, totaling 6 goals. Andrew Helmick totaled 1 hat trick for 3 goals, and Will Smith scored a brace for 2 goals. Keatley Michael, Jake Dickens, Akon Deng, and Jareem Reid had 2 goals each. The following players all added one goal apiece to the season total: Toby Giles, Jon Windle, Noah Stoneback, Isaac Beckett, Carlie Michael, Jasmine Winkler, Riley Richmond, Sarah Okes, Josh Okes, and Matt Smith. The Warriors forced one own goal.


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