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Winter Futsal League Update 1/11/2020

The King’s Warriors D1 team struggled with an aggressive and much improved Oak Hill team. Both teams played excellent defense in what proved to be the lowest scoring game of the season. Caleb Okes scored 2 goals and Eli Blevins and Chance Blevins added 1 each to claim a hard fought 4-1 victory. Next week’s game against Richlands, VA will be even tougher. The Richlands team has lost only once, and that was to the King’s Warriors in a very close match a month ago.

The D2 team played an exciting and very enjoyable match against the Beckley team. Hannah Willis scored 2 goals to continue as the King’s Warriors D2 leading scorer. Chance Blevins also scored 2 and Aaron Smith added 1 to salvage a 5-5 tie. This was a great result since the same team defeated the Warriors 12-4 earlier in the season.

The 3rd-5th grade team lost to a strong Princeton Rampage 10-1. Though the score was deceptively lopsided, the “little Warriors” continued to learn and develop. Adalee Blevins prevented the shutout when she scored in the second half.


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